Add on for Sendinblue (Brevo) on Gravity Forms Pro

Original price was: ₹1,000.00.Current price is: ₹600.00. / approx $7.50

  • Support for multiple contact list
  • Send phone number
  • Send custom data
  • Send entry manually

The Pro version of the “Add on for Sendinblue(brevo) on Gravity Forms” plugin takes your email marketing and automation capabilities to the next level. Packed with advanced features, it provides additional functionalities that empower you to fully leverage the power of Sendinblue(brevo) and Gravity Forms.

Key features of the Pro version include:

  1. Support for Multiple Contact Lists: With the Pro version, you can easily manage and sync multiple contact lists simultaneously. This allows you to segment your subscribers based on their interests or other criteria, enabling more targeted and personalized email campaigns.
  2. Send Phone Number: Expand your reach and engagement by including phone numbers in your contact synchronization. The Pro version enables you to capture and transfer phone numbers along with other contact details, enabling you to leverage SMS marketing and other mobile communication channels.
  3. Send Custom Data: Customize your data transfer by including additional custom fields from your Gravity Forms submissions. This feature allows you to collect specific information from your users and seamlessly send it to Sendinblue(brevo), ensuring that you have all the necessary data for effective marketing campaigns.
  4. Send Entry Manually: The Pro version grants you the flexibility to manually send Gravity Forms entries to Sendinblue(brevo). This feature is particularly useful when you need to selectively choose which entries to send or if you want to trigger specific actions or automations within Sendinblue(brevo) based on individual form submissions.

The Pro version of the “Add on for Sendinblue(brevo) on Gravity Forms” plugin empowers you to maximize the potential of your email marketing campaigns. With advanced features like support for multiple contact lists, phone number synchronization, custom data transfer, and manual entry sending, it provides the flexibility and control you need to optimize your email marketing efforts and drive better results.

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